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Before & After

Asking a new client for before & after pics is always awkward. Luckily some of our clients take before/during/after pics for themselves, and one in particular was happy to share with us.

Check ’em out after the break!

Megan Linge fullMegan Side FullMegan Back FullIn addition to 2-3 weekly Workouts @ Hard Pressed, Megan’s certainly done quite a bit of work on her end. In addition to cleaning up her diet, she does the following every week:

  • 30 min of the stepmill 2x/week (intervals)
  • Spin class 50 minutes 1x/week
  • I walk to/from train for work which is close to 8 or 9 miles a week.
  • Stretching approximately 10 minutes 3-4x/week
  • Taking class at Barre Bee Fit 1x/week

Having just competed in her first NPC Bikini Competition, she had this to say about us:

You guys definitely got me through a major fitness plateau and stressful time in my life. I’m very thankful for all of you!

Megan Bikini

ladies: lifting heavy weights isn’t just for the men.


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