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August’s Client of the Month

August’s CotM goes to a great guy who’s been at Hardpressed since (almost) day one. Marty came to us a serial Marathoner, and through his hard work we’ve helped round out his fitness game. Here’s what he has to say!

When did you start training at HP?

I started training at Hardpressed in January of 2012. I was referred to Hardpressed from a good friend of mine – Megan Lazar. Megan has since moved out of Chicago but always asks me how things are going with my workouts at the gym.

What about HP stands out from other types of workouts?

Efficient and Effective. It is concentrated and focused training. Prior to attending Hardpressed I had done very little in strength training. I ran 12 marathons and my workouts were limited to running around Chicago. I was amazed how much strength I was able to gain in going to Hardpressed for only 30 minutes twice a week.

How soon before you saw results from Hardpressed?

It only took a couple months before I started to see results. It was very encouraging and has kept me motivated to continue to improve over the years.

How does HP fit into your lifestyle? How do you make the time?

How do I not make the time?? It is not a big time commitment which makes it very easy to fit in. During my work “busy season” I attend early in the morning once during the week and once on the weekend. It works very well into my overall fitness lifestyle which is supplemented by running and now cycling. Further, my fiancée also now attends Hardpressed!

Describe the relationship you have with trainers at HP.

My relationship with the trainers at Hardpressed is very personal yet professional. They push me and at times I push them. Over the years, I have gotten to know many of them very well but this doesn’t impact their overall professionalism toward my overall strength training goals.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried a session at Hardpressed

Not only will Hardpressed improve your overall physical strength it will also provide you many other benefits (including mental strength). The 30 minute workout continues to burn calories for several days thereafter. In order to appreciate the type of training you need to try it. You will be surprised how weak but then how strong you will feel within a short period of time.


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