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How to Read Workout Reports

You might have noticed that we made some updates to the reports you receive after your workouts. We hope you find these new reports easier to understand and more informative.

New Features:

  • Actual starting and ending workout time.
    • End time is when your coach has completed recording and taking notes.
  • Cover page with actual data.
    • Total volume measure – weight used multiplied by reps performed.
  • More detailed graphs.
    • Performance dates and weights and repetition clearly shown.

Understanding the reports Cover Page:

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The routine is the set of workouts that have been assigned to you. All workouts in a routine are starting points for our coaches and are edited to suit your specific needs. In the above example this workout is “Dan Summer 2015 Upper1” of the “Dan Summer 2015” routine.

The routine number makes it easy for us to search if you were to have a specific question.

Total Reps:

The total number of repetitions you performed during your workout that day.

Total Weight:

Total training volume for the workout. Training volume for an exercise equals the weight used multiplied by the number of repetitions.


Any injuries you may have. Please make your coach aware if you have an injury and it does not appear on this report.


Any specific goals you are working toward. Please make your coach aware if you have goal and it is not listed. We want to be addressing your specific training needs.


Any training notes your coach may have for you from the days’ session. Coaches are limited on the time to take these when backed against another appointment. We are working toward a solution for this in order to give you more productive feedback.


  Today First Previous Best Improvement
Exercise Name Volume Volume Volume Total Volume Improvement of this exercise from First thru Today.
  Reps/Weight Reps/Weight Reps/Weight
  Date of First Ever time performed Date of Best performance prior to today

New Graphs:

Personal Training Chicago | Chicago Fitness Coach | Hard Pressed

And as with everything else, we are continuing to develop, refine, and improve these reports.

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