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July’s Client of the Month

This month’s Client of the Month is another Chicago Fitness Professional. Meet Meghan McCollough!

During your time as a college athlete how important was strength training?

So important! “Dry land” and strength training were ingrained in me ever since I started swimming competitively as a kid. We would lift 3 times per week for 30-60 minutes to focus on optimizing strength and power. Each time I do a weighted dip at Hardpressed, I have flash backs to my swimming days.

What motivates you to continue strength training?

The results (and feeling good)! I remember a couple months into training at HP, I was frustrated because I was stuck at 3 body weight pull-ups and hadn’t improved. A couple weeks later, I doubled that number and hit 6. Now I’m up to 10 and working on weighted pull-ups – That feeling of accomplishment is what keeps me motivated.

How does training at Hardpressed impact your other fitness goals or practices?

I no longer over train, which is a huge win for me! Two years ago I was running 6-7 days a week, had plateaued with my results and felt like I was constantly injured. After adding HP to my routine, I only run 2-3 days per week now and am hitting faster speeds without injury.

Explain a Hardpressed session in one sentence

Hardpressed is thirty minutes of pure hell where you lift ALL OF THE WEIGHTS and just before convincing yourself you might actually die, it’s over and you realize you’re actually just a total badass.

What type of person would benefit from working out at Hardpressed?

Anyone who doesn’t have the time to waste hours in the gym and wants to become a healthier, stronger version of themselves. It’s thirty minutes, people!



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