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June’s Client(s) of the Month!

Brian and Leah are a pretty straightforward duo. Not much to add to this one other than to say – thank you both for your hard work and dedication. It’s a genuine pleasure to have both of you in the gym!

Who started training at HP first and how did you convince the other to try it out? 

Leah started about 2.5 years ago and Brian followed six months later. He had been venting about the experience and people at big box gyms so the Hardpressed system and philosophy was an easy sell.

How do you both motivate one another to train at HP?

We don’t need to motivate each other, we motivate ourselves just fine.

Has strength training always been an important part of your lives?

Yes for Brian, Leah only started with Hard Pressed (so no experience necessary).

Most importantly, who’s stronger? 

Leah: It’d be pretty pathetic for Brian if I were stronger than him, but we compete on gains.

Brian: Who do you think?

What’s training with Coach Cam really like? 

Is there some confusion here?  It’s exactly what it looks like.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried a session at Hardpressed

You could be doing so much more for yourself – the hardest part is getting started.



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