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Pick Up the Pace

In case you hadn’t noticed, the pace of our Workouts is crucial to getting our clients the most bang for the buck. When you or any other client schedules a session, you’re committing to 30 minutes, for your self.

you should aim to get the most out of it.

Keeping up the pace means getting another 2 or 4 exercises in. It means getting Stronger. It means being fitter. And the effects snowball even over a relatively short duration. And while we as Coaches are absolutely going to get you to work your hardest, a small bit of help from each client goes a long way to improving the overall experience at Hardpressed.

so… how can you help?

Glad you asked! Here’s short list:

Stay focused:

You’re at Hardpressed to do good, hard work. Chatting, fumbling around with shoes and water bottles and towels, not knowing where you’re going all add up. If the goal is to work, then let’s try to minimize the distractions. And – keep in mind – the distractions you may inadvertently carry into the gym with you may also distract others. And vice versa.

know where you’re going:

Learn the names of the equipment. Take note of what weights go where, and whether or not you can help your Coach set up or re-rack weights. Even if you can’t and your Coach says “We’re going to the Hip Press,” you can head there. Or grab water knowing full well where you’re going to meet your Coach. Maybe (eventually) we can even rattle off the settings of the machine to you while we’re loading weight!

pay attention… even while you’re lifting:

A hallmark of a great trainee is the ability to be Coached. If you’re in the middle of a set, mentally “losing it,” unable to listen to your Coach’s directions, you will NOT get the most of your 30 minutes. I say this fully understanding that we all have bad days. And when that happens you need to be able to communicate (early & often!) if the weight’s too heavy, if something hurts, or if your Coach needs you to focus on this/that/the other thing that normally is a no-brainer.

help us get you stronger!

(And consider this an on-going list. We all need to revisit these things from time to time!)

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