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Sometimes Once Isn’t Enough

There are a handful of clients that have been with Hardpressed long enough to remember Collin Schlosser, and for those of you who do (everyone else, too), we’ve got some good news:

Collin’s coming back!

“It started a little over a month ago when I made a call to catch up with Dan and make a donation to the Warrior Medical and Fitness Charity event.  We talked strength training shop for 45 minutes, and then he filled me in on all of the great things going on at Hardpressed.  Things have obviously come a long way in a little over two years: brand new equipment, double the staff size, and a new second location shortly on the way.  We continued the conversation, and then Dan eventually asked me if I would be interested in coming back and joining the team.  I was taken back at first because the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.  I enjoyed the flexibility of my current job along with coaching and training high school football and basketball players and hadn’t really foreseen a move in my near future.  But the opportunity seemed like a perfect fit, and I asked Dan to give me a few weeks to think it through.

Two years away from the Hardpressed crew and clients, and I can’t wait to get back.  For those of you who have still been getting it done and training hard without me for the past few years, it will be good to get caught up.  For those of you I haven’t me yet, I can’t wait to get you in the Hip Press.”

Collin will be available for training starting on August 10th at the following times:

Mondays – 5:30AM – 11AM; 4PM – 8PM

Tuesdays – 6AM – 11AM; 4PM – 8PM

Thursdays – 3PM – 8PM

Fridays – 5:30AM – 1PM

Saturdays – 8AM – 2PM


And for those of you who don’t know Collin, learn more about him here!




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