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September’s Client of the Month!

I was fortunate to have met Danielle during Marathon training in 2010, moreso to have kept in touch and have helped her prepare for subsequent races. In a couple weeks she’s going to be an ‪Ironman‬ and while it’s never a goal I’d take on, I’m in awe of her ‪‎strength‬, ‪‎commitment‬, and ‪‎resilience‬. Excited to cheer her on in Madison as she ‪conquers‬ one of the nuttiest-but-ballsiest events out there.

When did you start training at HP?

I started at Hardpressed in July of 2012

How does HP compare to the collegiate style workouts you experienced at Notre Dame?

On par if not better! The workouts are definitely as tough as the ones I experienced at ND, but I get more individual attention at Hardpressed which is very motivating for me.

What about HP has helped you prepare for your first Ironman?

HP has helped me prepare in so many ways and complemented the hours I spent swimming, biking, and running. Because of HP, I am a stronger swimmer, and I’ll have the leg strength and endurance to climb the many hills on the Madison IM bike course. Hardpressed also helped me maintain fitness when I had a small injury that kept me from biking and running for a couple of weeks. Most importantly, each workout helped me build the confidence and mental toughness I’ll need to get to that finish line.

Is HP only for people familiar with how to lift weights?

No way! I knew very little about lifting weights before coming to Hardpressed. To be honest, I use to dread strength workouts. But HP has completely changed my mind. Now, I can’t wait for my sessions!

What makes a good HP client?

It really comes down to being dedicated, working hard, and wanting to push beyond your limits. Know that you will get out of each workout what you put in, and the clients that are prepared to go all in will have a great experience.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried a session at Hardpressed?

Give it a shot! It’s hard work, but the coaches are excellent. Trust the coaches and listen to their advice. They will help you achieve goals you didn’t think were possible.

 good luck in Madison, Danielle!!!


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