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Strength Coach Spotlight: Tevah Morris


My hometown is Oliver Springs, Tennessee, and I grew up in a small neighborhood called Sleepy Hollow. Yes, you read that correctly, and when I was little I believed that the Headless Horseman wandered the streets late at night!

NCAA EXPerience:

For my undergraduate education, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where I played Division I NCAA Basketball. My strengths on the court consisted of defending and rebounding. That was my role and I embraced that to help my team win.

After finishing my collegiate career I began an internship under my strength coach at my Alma Mater until I received a Graduate Assistant (GA) position at the University of Tennessee. As a GA I worked with multiple athletic teams, but spent most of time with the Lady Vols Basketball team (where I actually worked under our new Director Coach, Collin). The athletes are on campus most of the year, and they spend most of their time with the strength staff doing either strength training or conditioning/agility. In addition to this, I helped with the practice and game warm-ups on home and away games.

A year and a half in to my graduate program, I was hired as a full-time assistant strength coach and was responsible for program design and implementation of the Track & Field team workouts. I worked at this capacity for 3 years before joining the Hardpressed staff in May 2014.

Favorite Exercises:

Personally, I like doing any horizontal or vertical pulls. Some of my favorite pulls are Chin-ups, 1-Arm 3 Way Row, and any Overhand Pull-down. 

My favorite exercises for clients are the ones that they probably “enjoy” the least. These consist of the Hip Press, Seated Squat, Rope pull, and Chin-ups. They’re my favorite because it shows me how hard someone is willing to push himself or herself. I love coaching people to push past what they think they can only do. “Make the uncomfortable, comfortable.”

In my free time:

As simple as it sounds, I like to watch Netflix, play some video games here and there, and just be outside when it’s nice out. During the summer I like to run by the beach or just work out period. Chicago Festivals!!! You gotta love them! Yea they’re pretty much all the same after you’ve been to a few, but I haven’t been to the Roscoe Village Burger Fest. I plan on downing at least 3 burgers. Got to eat big if you train hard right?!?!


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