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What is it, why will it be different, and why it will be a great cardiovascular fitness option for you.


At Hardpressed, we created the ability for our customers perform maximum effort strength training without having to learn complex skills. This minimizes the limits of participation and injury risk while maximizing efficiency. Our strength training program is based around HIT (High-Intensity Training) weightlifting principles. To execute HIT effectively, you do really need many of the strength training tools we have at Hardpressed; a good spotter/coach, and an environment that allows you to move from exercise to exercise with little to no time in-between.

HIT strength training is VERY difficult to do well at a regular gym.

HIIT (High-Intensity INTERVAL Training) however, is cardiovascular in nature and it is something you can conceivably do on your own at any gym. Basic HIIT is simple; pick a cardio piece and sprint and stop and sprint and stop, etc. This however can get mundane and is part of the reason why you are seeing fitness studios pop up everywhere. Each in their own way is trying to make hard cardiovascular HIIT more fun and exciting.

Unfortunately, our science background by nature precludes us from thinking fun first. In designing our HIIT programs we thought physiologically challenging, safe, efficient, and scalable to all participation levels long before we got to amusement.

Similar to our HIT strength program, our HIIT conditioning programs are:

  1. As challenging for the novice to advanced participant.
  2. Minimize any learning curve.
  3. Low injury risk.
  4. Complementary to other activities.
  5. Time saving.

The joy and excitement will come when the workouts end.

Challenging at all levels

Our coaches have a saying: “give them the hardest workout they can handle that day.”

We want all participants – no matter what current level of fitness – to train hard, exceed their own expectations, and build toward training even harder the next time. This type of scalability is predicated on being attentive to all participants as a coach, which why our classes will be small in size. (We are starting with an eight-person maximum).

Minimal Learning Curve/Low injury risk

“Functional training” is fitness speak for making you feel un-athletic, look like a fool, and increase your risk of being injured while training. None of what we do requires highly skilled or athletic movements. They will require great effort, which is sacrificed when you add skill.

Complementary activities/Low injury risk

If you are not a runner, cyclist, boxer or whatever else by nature, doing classes heavy in one activity (even if they are HIIT based) becomes limiting. You essentially need to get good at the activity to gain the full benefit and minimize injury risk.

We have structured our workouts in a way that maximizes cardiovascular function, and have enough variable options that no person should not be able to train regardless of injury history.

No matter what your primary activity is, from lifting at Hardpressed to running marathons, our conditioning workouts will not impede you progress toward your primary goal. If anything, it will enhance it by strictly targeting improvements to your cardiovascular system.

Time Saving

While we are scheduling the classes for 45 minutes, the actual workout time is 30 minutes. The extra time allows for explanation prior to class starting and to clear the exhausted bodies off the floor after.

As with all new projects, we experienced many delays but we are ready and excited to bring HP Conditioning to you. Please join us soon at 324 N. Michigan Ave


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