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Pick Up the Pace

In case you hadn’t noticed, the pace of our Workouts is crucial to getting our clients the most bang for the buck. When you or any other client
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The Busy Trap

I recently took a road trip. Solo. A few people asked, “why not fly?” a very good question. with a very good answer. Most of my days are
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Stay Tight

If you train with me, you’ll often hear me say, “Stay Tight!” I use this coaching term often and for good reason: Muscular tension produces more force. The
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Save the Date!

Mark your calendars! THURSDAY, June 11, 2015 FROM 6:00PM TO 9:00PM Hardpressed will be hosting a Charity Event & Silent Auction for Warrior Medical & Fitness to raise
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Everyone’s Got a Story

After posting the video to Facebook this morning of an 8-month pregnant, very-soon-to-be mother squatting (in the Rogers Athletic Squat Pro), I had a unexpected moment of reflection.
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