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What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24 hour late cancel & no show policy. This is to protect our coach’s time and make sure they get paid.

I have injuries–how safe is it for me to work out?

We are able to adapt workouts to virtually any injury. We have a variety of machines and modalities that allow us to modify your workouts around any affected joint.

I’ve never lifted before. I’m scared!

Don’t be. We have people of all ages, abilities, and experience. The workout will feel like a challenge from the start and you can expect to get sore from the first few workouts, but you should not be totally debilitated. We will build you into training harder as you go.

What is the difference between Hardpressed Strength and Hardpressed Conditioning? 

Hardpressed Strength is all one-on-one personal strength training. It’s a full body workout.

Hardpressed Conditioning is small group classes that are cardiovascular-based workouts, with some strength movements incorporated.

Both workouts¬† are 30 minutes. But don’t let that fool you: you won’t want to go longer. We promise.

Can I really get a complete strength workout in 30 minutes?

Yes. At your typical gym, you are having to load and unload weights by yourself and waiting to get on equipment. At Hardpressed, we provide an efficient workout with our setup.


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